Lara Turk


Lara holds a Master’s Degree from University of Cincinnati and a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Arizona State University. As a bedside nurse, she spent all her years in Labor and Delivery, and concurrently served as the Perinatal Bereavement Coordinator for that department. After receiving her Master’s Degree she continued in Women’s Health and ran the triage department for Labor and Delivery, specializing in obstetrical emergency care. With her children getting more involved with school and sports activities, there was a need for a more stable schedule, so she switched to Pain Management in 2014 and has worked both on the reactive side of pain taking care of patients in pain clinics, but also the proactive side of pain by way of working for hyper wellness companies. She has an extensive athletic background and is passionate about adjunctive therapies and their use to aide her chronic pain patients. Outside the clinic she continues to lead a very active lifestyle and lives in Salado with her partner Marc… She has 6 children who are in various stages of life, all of whom she is exceedingly proud of, and she considers them her greatest accomplishment.